WebinarJam Review, Features & Pricing: A Webinar Software Trailblazer?

Getting your ideas to reach as wide of an audience as possible, as well as successfully and efficiently conveying them to your potential business partners, represent the main goals that every ambitious online business and startup should strive towards.

With the world of digital marketing getting more and more crowded by the day, acquiring the proper tools to do so has become imperative in keeping up with the competition and getting your own place under the cyberspace sun.

Marketing automation is vital to attracting customers and target audience members, as well as leaving a digital footprint for them to follow.

Once you’ve reeled them in, however, it is your job to acquaint them with your concepts in the best manner possible, which might require a more direct and personal approach to business interactions.

With the concept of webinars becoming a norm over the course of the last decade, we’ve also witnessed a commensurate rise in the amount of webinar software available, with various pricing and functionality ranges.

The resulting fierce competition has left many of us in a state of disarray and unable to separate the wheat from the chaff. Fear not, for a solution might be on the horizon – enter WebinarJam.

WebinarJam Features – More Than Meets the Eye

Though its somewhat convoluted interface may be intimidating to first-timers, WebinarJam offers plenty in terms of functionality, for both attendees and webinar hosts alike!

WebinarJam Software

The instructions and training videos provided by the developers do a great job at getting you started with the platform in no time, and we commend the team for their meticulous approach to newcomers.


  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Advanced Data Analytics
  • Wide Array of Options
  • Competitive Price


  • Interface may seem daunting to novices
  • Occasional technical issues

WebinarJam Compatibility

The goal of any ambitious and reputable marketer/entrepreneur should be maximizing their reach and client engagement, which includes making your platform of choice as widely and readily available as possible.

WebinarJam’s browser-based modus operandi alleviates any troubles regarding the platform’s availability, along with it being compatible with any internet-connected device of your choice.

Those aiming to engage with their target audience via social media will find WebinarJam’s Facebook and Youtube Live streaming compatibility most useful.

Users will get notified upon creating the webinar room and will be able to join with a single click of a button.

webinarjam marketing

WebinarJam’s surprisingly decent system requirements for a webinar hosting platform of such serviceability further emphasize its ease of access.

Though there haven’t been many reports of system overload during webinars counting several thousand attendees, it is advised that all participants disable any internet-reliant software in order to ensure the safest and most stable connection possible.

Furthermore, RAM and CPU-intensive apps and programs should remain closed during the entirety of the webinar session, as a means of avoiding unnecessary hardware overload. Better safe than sorry!

WebinarJam Configuration

Whilst its wide availability is an admirable quality, WebinarJam’s broad range of impressive attributes and functions is where its strengths truly lie!

Right off the bat you’ll be greeted by a rather simplistic My webinars tab, showing any webinars you’ve already created and letting you create/add a new webinar.

The following Webinar configuration window allows for two options: Express configuration lets you perform a quick and simple setup, mainly focusing on scheduling, email and landing page configuration.

webinarJam in use

For a more meticulous approach, however, the full configuration option gives plenty of leeway to tinker about with WebinarJam’s full arsenal of tools.

Apart from the basic options of opening a webinar room immediately or scheduling one or multiple sessions for a later time and/or date, the Always-On Room option creates a dedicated webinar room that is always accessible via a unique webinar URL.

The basic webinar settings include selecting the webinar thumbnail, name, title, and description, as well as publicly listing your webinar in WebinarJam’s On-Demand section, where users can browse and register for webinars of their choice.

This feature is particularly effective in increasing your reach and attracting more potential attendees to any future webinar sessions.

Depending on your pricing plan, 2-6 presenters can be active throughout your webinar sessions, with one of them acting as a moderator and handling behind-the-curtain duties via the control center.

The moderator can engage and communicate with attendees through the chat room, while the presenters focus on keeping the audience engaged at all times.

Making your landing page as concise and informative as possible is key in attracting the right audience and piquing their interest.

In that regard, the landing page configuration options offer a choice from a list of various templates, as well as letting you add or remove text & video on the page itself.

WebinarJam settings

Enabling split-testing lets you set up 2 different landing pages that will be displayed according to the percentage input (e.g. 60% chance of displaying landing page A, 40% chance of displaying landing page B, etc.).

This option is particularly useful in getting better feedback from your potential clientele and checking how each landing page performs based on registering rates.

Enabling attendee auto-subscription for any future webinars will keep participants informed about any future sessions, thereby maximizing attendance and reach.

Consultation businesses or entrepreneurship in the same vein will also find WebinarJam’s paid registration feature most welcome and fairly easy to use, allowing you to attach a digital invoice and select a registration fee in the currency of your choice.

The final step of preconfiguring your WebinarJam webinar sessions would be setting up email notifications through an extensive set of options available.

The choice of funneling emails via WebinarJam mail or the SMTP gateway of your choice is a welcome addition, though we recommend opting for the latter as there have been some reports of WebinarJam mail automatically being sent into spam.

WebinarJam boasts compatibility with almost every type of email integration available, including but not limited to:

  • ActiveCampaign
  • Zapier
  • ConvertKit
  • Twilio
  • MailChimp
  • Drip

Making your webinar room visually appealing is essential in keeping your audience focused and attentive throughout the session.

WebinarJam’s interface customization options, though few and far between, still give enough elbow room to create a simplistic yet engaging UI.

webinarjam room

The addition of video injections, polls & quizzes and slide presentations among other features will help you build rapport with your audience, as well as keep them involved as much as possible from start to finish.

WebinarJam has been designed with nearly every industry branch in mind, and the inclusion of the product offer feature attests to such aspirations.

This option enables you to preconfigure your sales pitch by embellishing it with various images and headlines, as well as including the options of broadcasting sales (i.e. informing attendants when a purchase is made) and applying urgency/scarcity of units available in your offer, thereby stimulating sales and encouraging your potential customers to act promptly.

For those unable to attend the live webinar session, you may provide them with a live replica replay of your session, create a link redirecting them to an external URL, or even upload a custom video should you deem it serviceable in that regard.

Replay viewers can act as attendees, meaning they can ask questions via the question box, which will be forwarded to your email inbox.

WebinarJam Live Options

Once the prerequisites are taken care of, it is time to go live!

Live session moderators are provided with an informative and straightforward live room interface, with easily distinguishable options regarding audio/video input at the top, and a neat presentation options sidebar on the right.

Presentation slides are absolutely top-notch in terms of visual quality.

Compared to other webinar platforms, WebinarJam displays slides directly from the app and doesn’t rely on screen sharing, and the same goes for the extensive whiteboard tool.

webinarjam presentation

Maintaining total control over the session is one of WebinarJam’s distinctive advantages over its peers.

Throughout your presentation, you can provide attendees with various polls, upload files, display offers, chat both privately and publicly, as well as enable them to speak should they make such a request.

Presenters can be dropped in and out of the live room at a whim, which may be of great use during arduous and segmented webinar sessions.

Should any technical problems arise, the bright orange panic button located at the top of the browser window reboots the live room and relocates both data and the attendees to a new and functional live room, ensuring effortless continuity.

The moderator can take on technical duties behind the scenes via the control panel, and can perform all of the functions such as slide transitions, (de)activating polls and offers, and answering questions in the chat.

This way, presenters will not be burdened by multitasking, and will be able to fully focus on… well… presenting!

WebinarJam Analytics

The data provided in WebinarJam’s analytics tab gives great insight into how your webinars are performing in terms of attendance, profit, and overall feedback.

The aforementioned split-testing show-up rates can help you choose the appropriate landing page, while the notifications section shows how well your attendees respond to your automated email alerts.

webinar Jam tracking

The analytics tab also provides data regarding both live and replay webinar attendance, telling you not only how many people attended, but also the average of time they spent in the live room.

This robust tool is your greatest ally should you learn to use it to your advantage. Data crunching is a skill worth mastering!

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam maintains a relatively affordable price tag compared to its rival platforms, especially with the sheer functionality it has to offer. There are 3 yearly purchase options available:

  • Basic ($499/year) – This plan offers up to 2 presenters and sessions lasting up to 2 hours and including 500 attendees. Best suited for small-scale startups and businesses.
  • Professional ($699/year) – The professional plan features the additional panic button and an always-on live room, along with a 2000 max attendee count and up to 4 presenters per session lasting up to 3 hours.
  • Enterprise ($999/year) – 6 presenters, 4-hour sessions, 5000 attendees, and access to the control center. Catered to large-scale businesses.

WebinarJam Alternatives

Whether you find WebinarJam inadequate to fulfill your needs, there are other ways to broadcast your business ideas:

  • Demio – An affordable choice for those less nit-picky in terms of customizing options. On-demand and automated webinars and better interactivity with attendees are certainly Demio’s strongest points, while lacking in analytics and the number of available webinars per week. Starts at $408/year.
  • Zoom – While WebinarJam is better-suited for marketing-oriented businesses, Zoom was really created with conducting meetings in mind. Better audio/video and quality, but a limited attendance number of only 100 attendees. Starts at $40/month.
  • EverWebinar – Great tool integration and suited for automated webinars, but poor tool integration. Starts at $497/year
  • EasyWebinar – Though it lacks voting polls compared to WebinarJam, EasyWebinar more than makes up for it thanks to the inclusion of automated webinars. Starts at $78/month.

WebinarJam Conclusion

When it comes to marketing and ensuring the best reach for your product/business, WebinarJam remains a formidable champion.

Though technical glitches such as occasional input delays and webcam restarting hinder its overall grade, these minor issues will soon become a thing of the past.

The developers have proven to be both reliable and receptive to any faults reported by their users, and many issues have been amended with the arrival of version 4.0.

A healthy attitude towards consumers is worth thrice in this day and age, and we look forward to seeing WebinarJam improve even further!

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