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Introduction, an awesome home and car insurance provider, was on the lookout for a way to enhance its online presence and become the go-to authority in the insurance world.

That’s when Bluetree stepped in and crafted a game-changing strategy that involved securing stellar backlinks from high-authority websites.

In this case study, let’s dive into how Bluetree’s top-notch digital PR campaign boosted’s website traffic and sent their organic keyword rankings soaring.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Bluetree’s digital PR magic worked wonders for

  1. Traffic on the Rise: In just 12 months from March 22,’s website traffic shot up from 6,610 to a whopping 27,087 visitors per month.
  2. Organic Keyword Superstars: A bunch of’s organic keywords climbed to the coveted number-one spot in search engine rankings.
mychoice ca backlink and organic traffic growth graph

The Supercharged Strategy

Bluetree pulled out all the stops to snag fantastic backlinks from powerhouse websites with excellent domain ratings via our excellent links and team of B2B writers:

  1. (DR90)
  2. (DR82)
  3. (DR78)

Focusing on’s target pages, Bluetree developed a winning game plan:

  1. Identifying Target Websites: Bluetree handpicked a list of high-authority websites with relevance to home and car insurance, technology, and business.
  2. Outreach and Pitching: The team reached out to the editors of these websites, pitching captivating content ideas that would make linking to’s target pages feel like a natural fit.
  3. Content Creation and Submission: Bluetree’s wordsmiths cooked up top-tier, engaging articles that effortlessly blended in’s home and car insurance offerings.
  4. Rinse and Repeat: Bluetree applied this fantastic formula to each target website, amassing a diverse range of articles featuring


Bluetree’s digital PR campaign for is a shining example of how tailor-made content marketing and top-quality backlinks can take a company’s online presence to new heights.

By securing authoritative backlinks and creating genuinely engaging content, Bluetree elevated’s website traffic and sent their organic keyword rankings through the roof.

If you’re itching to give your company’s online visibility and authority a boost, Bluetree’s digital PR services are just the ticket.

Get in touch with Bluetree today to find out how their expertise in captivating content and backlink strategies can help your business soar.


Grow organic traffic & revenue with high-quality backlinks


Grow organic traffic & revenue with high-quality backlinks

We leverage our network of 300+ tech publications to help our clients rank higher in Google, increase their organic traffic, and bring in more customers.

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