Questions? Give us a call (305) 764-0743
Questions? Give us a call (305) 764-0743

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Thanks for stopping by. We are no longer hosting the Screenfly application.

As of April 2020, – and its flagship product Screenfly – have merged with

The decision to stop hosting and supporting the Screenfly application comes after staff cutbacks post COV19 and increased server costs. Additionally, the last update on Screenfly was made in 2017, creating compatibility issues with modern browsers.

If you’re interested in hosting and running Screenfly, please contact us for more information or licensing.

The BlueTree-QuirkTools/Screenfly Merger

Before its acquisition by Blue Tree, was the flagship product of QuirkTools, LLC, a Virginia-based business founded by software engineer Kyle Schaeffer. The original website launched in August 2011 and offered a unique set of tools for web designers and developers, including Screenfly, Smaps, Wires, and Retro.

The mission of QuirkTools was “Simple web apps for creative people.” The idea was simple: QuirkTools web apps that help you stay creative and connected to your work. From discovering new ideas and planning your next big project to prototyping and testing your projects, we’ve got you covered.

With tools such as Smaps, SEO specialists could build site maps, taxonomy, or hierarchic data. Although not imagined as an SEO tool, Screenfly had some indirect uses for SEO. It would be disappointing to buy backlinks and find out that their site is not optimized for different devices, thus losing a considerable amount of potential viewers.

While individually useful, the apps are truly designed to be smaller facets of a much bigger picture. Each tool is a single step in a design methodology polished and tested from years of experience. From the drawing board to the launch pad, QuirkTools is your map to creative success.

For more information about BlueTree and QuirkTools, check out some of our top content and tools below:

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Note: following the acquisition by BlueTree, all tools went through extensive security testing by Ludovic Rembert, the owner of an award-winning security outfit. 



Well, security matters to us… a lot. BlueTree and Screenfly believe that your security – and privacy – are the utmost priorities when using our tools on this website. It doesn’t matter how well the software works; if it compromises you in any way, it’s not worth the risk. We chose Will and his team and Privacy Australia PTY LTD thanks to their track record of research and innovation testing virtual private networks (VPNs) for enterprise clients in metropolitan Sydney. Will describes himself as an “unintentional expert on VPNs, proxies, and firewalls”… just our type of guy.

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