QuirkTools and Screenfly Merge With BlueTree.ai

In April of 2020, QuirkTools.com – and its flagship product Screenfly – merged with BlueTree.ai.

Given the overlap of audience and customers between QuirkTools.com and Blue Tree, we merged the teams, management, products, services, and codebase on both sites so that we could dedicate all our time and energy into making Blue Tree the best source of information for software/SaaS businesses and their founders.

The BlueTree-QuirkTools Merger

Before its acquisition by Blue Tree, QuirkTools.com was the flagship product of QuirkTools, LLC, a Virginia-based business founded by software engineer Kyle Schaeffer.

The original QuirkTools.com website launched in August 2011 and offered a unique set of tools for web designers and developers, including Screenfly, Smaps, Wires, and Retro.

The mission of QuirkTools was “Simple web apps for creative people.” The idea was simple: QuirkTools web apps that help you stay creative and connected to your work.

From discovering new ideas and planning your next big project to prototyping and testing your projects, weโ€™ve got you covered.

While individually useful, the apps are truly designed to be smaller facets of a much bigger picture. Each tool is a single step in a design methodology polished and tested from years of experience.

From the drawing board to the launch pad, QuirkTools is your map to creative success.

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