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We partner with established online businesses to take your website to the next level. Utilising our editorial network, amazing content writers and 10+ years of industry experience we have helped owners massively expand their readership and increase revenue.

We get you the growth and revenue that your business deserves and you get a totally hands off experience.

Maintain equity and watch your business grow.

The goal of our partner program is to combine the brand authority and age of your website with our proven processes and workflows. Blue Tree also leverages its multiple partnerships with online retailers, affiliate and other 3rd party traffic sources for better commissions and more customers.

But the secret sauce is really in the execution.

Over the last five years we’ve worked on a simple process that works.

We start with a thorough content audit that requires a lot of testing. Once we nail down the angle and strategy that will be work we start developing a content strategy that will ensure not only loyal readers but a huge increase in conversions.

The best part of this whole process is we handle everything from start to finish.

We handle everything from:

  • Create content that generates inbound leads
  • Technical SEO audits
  • PR campaigns for better brand visibility
  • Building and maintaining a content funnel that consistently helps generate more revenue
  • Leverage our existing advertiser and affiliate relationships to increase revenue multiples
  • Create long term brand equity

We can help with any of the following:

Why Partner With Us?

  • Grow Your Business Passively
  • Don't Lose Ownership
  • Proven Process
  • Get High Revenue Multiples With Our Advertiser Relationships
  • 5 Years and a Proven Track Record
  • Results Within a Year

Hosting Startup 6X Traffic (150k of Monthly Organic Traffic Value)

Web Hosting Partner

Web hosting is one of the most competitive spaces out there. Before our partnership, ad spend on PPC was nearly 2/3 of marketing budget.

After 6 months of working together we helped achieved 9.5X the amount of sales with only organic.

This was achieved using natural PR mentions and a great content strategy.



Our SEO Growth Methodology

  1. Friendly Chat

    We can't help everyone and there are some products that we don't work with. Our intro call is a way for you to get to know us and for us to see if we can help grow your organic traffic. No pressure. No selling. Just a friendly call with either Dan or Sia.
  2. Opportunity Analysis

    Each niche and product is different. We need to take an detailed look at what is working and what isn't. We compare your current marketing assets and see where opportunity lies.
  3. Strategy

    Once we've done our research and compared the competitive landscape we create our plan. We never try to reinvent the wheel, instead we stick to our proven processes.
  4. Full Rollout

    This is where things get fun. In this stage we build our content team, find the right editor and either build a brand new theme or modify one of our existing expert themes.
  5. Learn and Adapt

    SEO is not a linear process. It requires being flexible and adapting to the competitive landscape. This is exactly what we do with monthly reports and strategy calls.


Why Partner With Blue Tree?
The answer is pretty simple- because we have the resources and know how to get you results. We can take your business to the next level while you watch it grow.
What's Your SEO Plan?
Plans differ based on the product and market. Each approach needs to be custom built for success.
Can I Still Contribute To the Site?
That is totally up to you. We encourage previous site owners to contribute and remain active but if you're too busy that is totally fine as well.
What If You Aren't Successful?
The vetting process assures that we will have a lot of data to know how succesful the site will be in the future.
How Much Will You Buy the Site For?
This depends on the site, history and current earnings. Generally we operate on an upfront lump front + % retained in the business. That gives the owner money up front while we take over operations and then recurring monthly revenue and ownership.
Do You use SEO Software?
No, we don't. You can't do SEO with software in a safe and natural way. Each piece of content and link needs to be approached with quality in mind.

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