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We partner with established online businesses to take your website to the next level. Utilising our editorial network, amazing content writers and 10+ years of industry experience we have helped owners massively expand their readership and increase revenue. We get you the growth and revenue that your business deserves and you get a totally hands off experience. Maintain equity and watch your business grow.

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Why Partner With Blue Tree?

We have the team, resources, and media inventory and know how to use it to get you results. Whether you're a SaaS company or an early stage startup, we can skyrocket your organic traffic and let you focus on what you do best - building your business.

What's Your SEO Plan?

Plans differ based on the product and market. Each approach needs to be custom built for success.

Can I Still Contribute To the Site?

That is totally up to you. We encourage previous site owners to contribute and remain active but if you're too busy that is totally fine as well.

What If You Aren't Successful?

The vetting process assures that we will have a lot of data to know how succesful the site will be in the future.

How Much Will You Buy the Site For?

This depends on the site, history and current earnings. Generally we operate on an upfront lump front + % retained in the business. That gives the owner money up front while we take over operations and then recurring monthly revenue and ownership.

Do You use SEO Software?

No, we don't. You can't do SEO with software in a safe and natural way. Each piece of content and link needs to be approached with quality in mind.

Companies we’ve worked with

For 4 years we have helped these companies grow and you can be one of them.

Companies we’ve worked with

Trusted by customers

5.0 out of 5.0 🌟 Based on reviews on

Blue Tree was helpful to assist with link-building by providing strong links that contributed to increasing our domain rating. We can strongly recommend their SEO services.

iEva Zelca, Chief Marketing Officer

We were looking for a “hands-off” agency who could build links in the competitive tech field. Dan’s team did a fantastic job landing high quality links for our sites so we could focus on creating better content.

Mauricio Prinzlau, Cloudwards

We’ve been working with Dan from Blue Tree for PR and outreach purposes. We ended up getting mentions from very authoritative sources which participated in increasing our website traffic by 25% in 4 months. I deeply recommend Blue Tree’s services to anyone wanting to get better exposure to their websites.

Alexis Dolle, Mailbird

I’ve worked with a lot of different companies to get clients placed on certain websites. Blue Tree is definitely among the best! They deliver very quickly considering the placements my clients are getting, and best of all, they communicate very well. I could not be happier with the quality!

Adam Smith, Weave

Sia and Dan are true innovators. In a time where so many people just build links on the same saturated websites, Sia and Dan have found ways for our brand to add value to editorial content on very exclusive sites.

Steve Toth, SEO @ FreshBooks

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