Link-Building Services

Links are the most overlooked and neglected part of SEO. Despite what some may say, links are what power search rankings. Links will either make you stand out in search or get your business buried amongst a sea of competitors. Linkbuilding is what we’ve been doing for the last 6 years for our clients and our own businesses. We know what works and we execute on it.

We work with over 165 major technology publications to ensure that our clients get the PR and links they need. High quality PR mentions build customer trust and improve brand reputation. Great link building can also lead to better traffic, which is a boost to business.

The trouble is that many link building services aren’t worth your time. Even worse, they can actively damage your brand reputation and Google search rankings!

Link-building services that offer tons of links or which sounds too good to be true often are. They can lead to Google penalizing your site and sending you back down the search engine ladder.

This is why we’re dedicated to providing you with top quality links expertly curated by our SEO-trained team. We’ll also provide a fair pricing model, so you pay for the links you need, not a random number that you won’t actually see on your site.

We can work with you in order to:

  • Build a network of links between your site and other high reputation sites
  • Improve your website traffic via interlinking
  • PR mentions from big brands
  • Maintain link quality over time as websites evolve
  • Help you understand how to find and include good links that will benefit your site and avoid links that won’t

We Can Help With…

How Do You Know Which Links Are Worthwhile?

  • Link-building
  • Anchor text placement and quality
  • Linking to high-reputation sites with Google
  • Optimize your traffic from external sites
  • Increase your brand image
  • Protect your website reputation from bad links


Why Use a Link-Building Service?
Link-building plays a valuable role in increasing site traffic and preference in Google search rankings. However, the quality of your links determines your favor in the eyes of Google; lace your site with subpar links and you’ll be penalized by its algorithms.
What Kinds of Links Will I Get?
This depends on your industry and niche. Part of our service involves looking for excellent pages or blogs that are relevant to your industry and brand so your visitors don’t feel content or theme whiplash.
How Many Links Will I Get?
Your budget and how powerful various links turn out to be will determine the final number of links. We’ll try for the best number for your brand and vision, not an arbitrary amount.
Can You Help Us With Content for Links As Well?
Yes! We have excellent content creation of content marketing teams that are well-equipped to produce the content you need for excellent linking potential. This also makes your site more attractive to fellow high-quality sites in your industry.
How Do You Price This Service?
Rather than quoting a general collection of links, we’ll charge you for the links you actually use. This means you only pay for success, not for an optimistic estimate of potential. You also only pay for the entire service, including contact; there are no extra fees beyond the agreed amount.
Link-Building Services
Blue Tree was helpful to assist with link-building by providing strong links that contributed to increasing our domain rating. We can strongly recommend their SEO services.
iEva Zelca
Chief Marketing Officer
Link-Building Services
We've been working with Dan from Blue Tree for PR and outreach purposes. We ended up getting mentions from very authoritative sources which participated in increasing our website traffic by 25% in 4 months. I deeply recommend Blue Tree's services to anyone wanting to get better exposure to their websites.
Alexis Dolle
Link-Building Services
I've worked with a lot of different companies to get clients placed on certain websites. Blue Tree is definitely among the best! They deliver very quickly considering the placements my clients are getting, and best of all, they communicate very well. I could not be happier with the quality!
Adam Smith
Link-Building Services
We were looking for a "hands-off" agency who could build links in the competitive tech field. Dan's team did a fantastic job landing high quality links for our sites so we could focus on creating better content.
Mauricio Prinzlau
Link-Building Services
Sia and Dan are true innovators. In a time where so many people just build links on the same saturated websites, Sia and Dan have found ways for our brand to add value to editorial content on very exclusive sites.
Steve Toth
SEO @ FreshBooks


  1. Identification

    To begin, we’ll identify all the top-tier content on your website – including eBooks, in-depth articles, and scientific studies – and use these as linking material. We can also help you create excellent content if you don’t already have it.
  2. Find Link Sources

    We’ll scour the web and our own contacts to find various websites and blogs that align with your brand spirit and goals. We can send these sources to you and get your approval for linking before we go ahead.
  3. Contact

    We can even handle the contacting of various content publishers to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding linking and content creation. You’re included with us every step of the way.
  4. Strategy Crafting

    Once everyone is on board, we’ll come up with a linking strategy to share between both you and the approved website owners or publishers. This involves figuring out where to place hyperlinks and possibly working with copywriters to ensure content quality.
  5. Publishing

    We’ll work with your marketing and content teams to publish the stories or articles that the links need to anchor.
  6. Link!

    You can watch as your link network grows, your Google rank rises, and your traffic count explodes.

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