How We Grew CreditDonkey From 252k Traffic to 630k Monthly Traffic in 1 Year

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Knowing how to properly manage money is a critical responsibility of everyone’s everyday life. It’s also an area that many people struggle with and worry about on a daily basis as well. 

A recent Mind Over Money survey conducted by Capital One and The Decision Lab revealed that 77% of Americans are anxious over their financial situation.

Specifically, a majority of respondents reported that they felt their finances controlled them rather than the other way around and specifically struggled with paying down debt, saving up enough for retirement, and keeping up with the rising cost of living. 

This is why there are many personal finance websites that provide resources and materials to help guide people in creating their financial goals and provide practical advice on how to manage money. 

CreditDonkey is an example of a personal finance website dedicated to helping consumers understand finance and how to live a financially free lifestyle.

The site consists of informative statistics pages, actionable guides on how to invest and manage money, and in-depth reviews of banks and financial institutions to help people have the information they need to live a financially healthy life.  

CreditDonkey has a stated mission of ensuring that their readers can become equally as resilient and intelligent when it comes to managing their money and making financial decisions with confidence. 

The team at CreditDonkey knew they needed assistance to break out apart from their competitors and reach out to more people with their financial guides and reviews.

That’s why they approached BlueTree in 2020 and asked if we could run a digital PR campaign for them. After determining that we would be a natural fit together, our answer was a definitive yes. 

CreditDonkey’s guides offer practical tips on making financial investments and staying in control of one’s finances.

Their review pages offer a detailed analysis and comparisons of different investment applications, bank accounts, and credit cards.

The goal of the campaign was to draw more traffic to these guides and review pages via PR mentions in some of the most well-read online financial publications.


CreditDonkey’s organic traffic before our campaign


CreditDonkey’s organic traffic today

Our Post Results

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How We Did It

To execute the campaign and secure mentions to the CreditDonkey review pages and guides, we followed our standard simple procedure for generating effective results:

1. We compiled a list of relevant finance and fintech publications to reach out to, including sites we were already working with (all sites had a minimum DR rating of 65 and a minimum 5k search traffic) 

2. We reached out to each site with a cold pitch offering to write an article for them

3. The site editors agreed that we could pitch them topics or assist with topic ideation, and our pitching team brainstormed and suggested 2-3 topic ideas per site 

4. After getting a topic formally approved, our team of professional writers got to work writing and submitting the pieces to each site 

5. Our writers and editors ensured that there was a natural placement to the respective CreditDonkey page by A. ensuring that personal finance would be relevant to the topic at hand, and B. ensuring context surrounding the placement 

6. Rinse and repeat 

Doubling down on the above strategy, we ended up pitching over one thousand publications in the personal finance and fintech realm. 

To accomplish this, we tested ten different campaigns that revolved around ten different cold pitches, before settling on the pitches that were performing the best in regards to reply rates from site editors. An example is below:

canadian copywriter email
canadian copywriter email 2

We employed twelve reliable and quality financial writers who targeted the same keywords and ensured the fulfillment of the articles, many of which had to be delivered on strict deadlines or guidelines depending on the editorial process of each site. 

All of our links are editorially received, meaning the campaign’s entire success came down to ensuring link relevancy in each piece.

Since the articles are each in the hands of the site editors after we submit them, we have little to no control over which links will make it to the final version that’s published.

To ensure links to the CreditDonkey guides and review pages were as relevant as possible, we ensured that the content of each article was written around the respective target page rather than writing the article and then forcing the link into the content.

To accomplish this, we followed another simple yet highly effective formula:

  • Our pitching team ensured each article topic was topically relevant when pitching ideas to the site editors 
  • Our writers included relevant context surrounding the link placement, thus ensuring the link would be naturally placed into the content rather than jammed in randomly 
  • For anchors, our writers cited specific facts (such as figures or statistics) or quotes from the pages and used these as anchors so they would flow naturally into the content (and thus not stick out like a sore thumb) 

The links started coming in when the articles started to get published. At the end of each month, we shared the results with CreditDonkey via detailed reports outlining that month’s wins.

creditdonkey ahrefs rankings
CreditDonkey’s Ahrefs ranking today

Want The Same Results?

We work with a team of 15+ B2B writers and write for over 350+ publications regularly. You can check out our current inventory here

All of our backlinks are editorially received. It’s our job to ensure 100% natural placement by making sure that the topic of the article will be relevant to the link that we place in, as well as ensuring that the link itself and the surrounding text are fully contextual to the topic at hand.

These editorially-received backlinks to new articles on high-ranking websites are viewed favorably by Google. 

CreditDonkey understood that for their investment to pay off, they needed to invest in link assets rather than liabilities. That’s why they asked us to execute the campaign for their pages.

Additionally, each link we secure meets the following criteria:

  • Do-Follow
  • DR65+
  • 5k/mo search traffic minimum 
  • Topically relevant 

Our standard pricing per link that meets the above criteria is $1,000. We also offer discounts per link when ordered in bulk (such as five to ten links per month). 

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to work with us!


Grow organic traffic & revenue with high-quality backlinks


Grow organic traffic & revenue with high-quality backlinks

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