How Bluetree Backlinking Company Skyrocketed Dooly’s Organic Traffic

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Established in 2016, Dooly is a fast-growing tech company offering a cutting-edge selling tool to B2B enterprises, with a mission to help sales teams reduce their administrative burden and focus more on selling.

Despite the transformative solution it offered, Dooly was struggling to establish a solid online presence and was being outpaced by its competitors in organic searches.

Faced with the challenge of boosting their organic search rankings and web traffic, Dooly turned to Bluetree Backlinking Company.


Our objective was to strengthen Dooly’s online visibility and authority by optimizing their content and securing high-quality backlinks, thereby enhancing the website’s authority, search engine rankings, and organic traffic.

The Solution: Comprehensive Content Strategy, SEO, and Outreach

Following an in-depth competitive analysis, we identified several opportunities for content optimization and key phrases that Dooly had yet to capitalize on. We devised a strategy encompassing:

1. Content Creation and Optimization: We developed and refined numerous content pieces, optimizing existing materials and creating new ones targeting high-value keyphrases.

2. Outreach for High-Quality Backlinks: Using the newly optimized content as leverage, we initiated an intensive outreach program, landing premium backlinks from high domain rating websites such as Hubspot (DR93), Prestashop (DR92), Entrepreneur (DR91), and Teachable (DR91).


The outcome of this synergistic strategy was remarkable and transformed Dooly’s online presence:

dooly keyword increase

1. Explosive Increase in Organic Traffic: Within 12 months, Dooly’s organic traffic soared by 300%, directly attributable to our combined approach of content optimization and backlink acquisition.

2. Top Search Engine Rankings: Dooly’s search engine rankings saw dramatic improvements, with over 50 keywords clinching the number 1 position on Google.

3. Boosted Domain Authority: The acquisition of high DR backlinks significantly boosted Dooly’s domain authority, translating into a further improvement in their search engine rankings.

4. Increased ROI: The surge in organic traffic didn’t just amplify website visits; it also led to a higher conversion rate, generating an impressive $2,000 solely from the pages that our links boosted.


Our collaboration with Dooly is a testament to Bluetree Backlinking Company’s capabilities and demonstrates our expertise in driving a successful backlinking strategy.

The results we achieved significantly enhanced Dooly’s online presence and resulted in considerable business growth, firmly placing them ahead of their competitors in the digital space.

Our proven strategies continue to create value for clients like Dooly, propelling them toward their business goals.


Grow organic traffic & revenue with high-quality backlinks


Grow organic traffic & revenue with high-quality backlinks

We leverage our network of 300+ tech publications to help our clients rank higher in Google, increase their organic traffic, and bring in more customers.

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