Content Marketing Services

Content marketing isn’t just a bit of research. It’s optimization, design, linking, and holistic content production across the board. This is what we offer: top-tier content marketing crafted by our team of experts just for your site.

A site or online business is nothing without content that draws in visitors and converts to sales. Just any old content won’t do; you need the best of the best to climb the Google SEO rankings and expand throughout your market and beyond.

Truly excellent content can elevate your site above the competition and show your consumers what you offer from the landing page and on.

Of course, filling your site with excellent content is a lot easier said than done. It’s why tons of sites across the web are inundated with lazy content and copy/paste text templates that are poor conversion engines. Google understands this and ranks low-quality content appropriately.

We’re here to help you avoid this fate and ensure that your site rises to prominence. We’ll analyze your brand, come up with a unique content strategy that fits your mission statement and your consumer base, then plug everything in. Lights, camera, content!

We can work with your team to:

  • Analyze your brand and come up with a marketing strategy that suits your needs
  • Look directly at the competition to see what works in your niche
  • Craft unique and engaging content that reliably generates conversions
  • Formulate a content release schedule to keep your consumers hooked
  • Help you market future content capably to maintain high sales and greater success

We Can Help With…

How Can We Tell the Best Content Marketing Strategy For You?

  • Determine the best content creation and released strategy
  • Show you which marketing campaigns will be best for your brand
  • Optimize your conversion rates via content that’s engaging and memorable
  • Help you spread your brand and content through known social media avenues
  • Boost your rankings within Google


Why Use a Content Marketing Service?
In today’s digital economy, having some content that’s just okay is no longer enough. Regardless of niche or industry, you need content that stands out from the crowd in order to be successful. Our content marketing service can make sure your content sings, raising your site’s conversion rate better than you ever imagined.
How Do You Approach Content Marketing?
We combine a scientific or data-driven approach with a personalized marketing plan that’s tailored to your company’s brand and character. This ensures that your marketing plan is unique and specific to your needs.
What Kinds of Content Are Important?
Content can be anything from text to pictures to video; it’s the meat on the bones of your website architecture. This means that content is king when it comes to drawing in new visitors and converting them to paying customers or subscribers.
How Do You Know If Content Marketing Is Successful?
If your SEO rankings go up, your conversion rates skyrocket, and you need to scale up your server resources to handle all the traffic you're getting, we've done our job. Fortunately, we're confident all of these metrics will be hit.
How Much Does Content Marketing Cost?
Because each case is unique, we’ll work with you on pricing for your content marketing service. The overall price can vary depending on the content amount, keyword obscurity or difficulty, and whether you have existing content we need to work around.
Content Marketing Services
Blue Tree was helpful to assist with link-building by providing strong links that contributed to increasing our domain rating. We can strongly recommend their SEO services.
iEva Zelca
Chief Marketing Officer
Content Marketing Services
We've been working with Dan from Blue Tree for PR and outreach purposes. We ended up getting mentions from very authoritative sources which participated in increasing our website traffic by 25% in 4 months. I deeply recommend Blue Tree's services to anyone wanting to get better exposure to their websites.
Alexis Dolle
Content Marketing Services
I've worked with a lot of different companies to get clients placed on certain websites. Blue Tree is definitely among the best! They deliver very quickly considering the placements my clients are getting, and best of all, they communicate very well. I could not be happier with the quality!
Adam Smith
Content Marketing Services
We were looking for a "hands-off" agency who could build links in the competitive tech field. Dan's team did a fantastic job landing high quality links for our sites so we could focus on creating better content.
Mauricio Prinzlau
Content Marketing Services
Sia and Dan are true innovators. In a time where so many people just build links on the same saturated websites, Sia and Dan have found ways for our brand to add value to editorial content on very exclusive sites.
Steve Toth
SEO @ FreshBooks


  1. Analysis

    Even the best content creation gurus need to start somewhere. We’ll speak with your team and dive deep into your numbers and brand mission. We can use both quantitative data and abstract goals to help figure out how your content can beat the competition.
  2. Plan

    We’ll come up with a sound strategy for both content creation and release dates, working closely with your marketing team all the while.
  3. Build

    Time to craft some content! Whether you have experience in this arena or want to lean on us for support, we can help you craft content that’s both memorable and practical. In this day and age, having the best content means you’ll succeed where your competitors fail.
  4. Promote

    Making the content is one thing: getting it out there is another. We can help you market your content to its widest range and ensure that new visitors get a chance to sink their teeth into your services and products. We can make your marketing campaign approachable and casual or more professional; it’s up to you!
  5. SEO-Optimizing

    Once the plan is in motion, we can help your content marketing even further by monitoring your site’s performance over the short term. Tinkering with things here and there is the best way to maximize results and make any quick corrections that might be necessary.

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