How We Grew Brainstation From 11,065 Traffic to 242,130 Monthly Traffic in 2 Years

Introduction Educational technology, or the use of software and educational theory to facilitate learning and prepare people for careers in the tech industry, has risen in popularity over the last few years. EdTech has become an entire industry of its own where companies provide ‘bootcamps’ or training courses to students to help prepare them for […]

VPN Case Study – Over 500,000 Visitors a Month With Data-Driven Outreach

The VPN space is arguably one of the most competitive verticals online. Entrenched players dominate the space and leave little to no room for new entrants. With a combination of data-driven PR and content marketing Blue Tree was able to help facilitate massive organic growth.  This client now stands as one of the premium VPN […]

Finance / Forex B2B Case Study – PR SEO and Custom Outreach Link Building

Our client, a forex broker and publisher of finance news, was struggling to find high-quality link placements in their industry. The Forex niche is notoriously ultra-competitive, making it a challenge to build unique, strong, and high-quality links. They reached out to us in the hopes of increasing brand awareness and organic traffic along with it. […]

YC Startup Case Study – Keywords Increased by 200% in 12 Months

The traditional approach to increasing keyword traffic doesn’t work. Hire the average agency to increase your keyword traffic, and they’ll bombard editors with thousands of identical pitches on simplistic topics. Some of these pitches will undoubtedly end up as articles, but hardly anyone is going to read them. From one perspective, that’s not really a […]

Houseparty Statistics, Usage, Funding and News

Houseparty is a social app that is focused on video chat across a diverse range of different platforms including Android, iOS, and MacOS. Launched in September 2016, the app focuses on what it calls “shared appearances,” with multiple games and lots of fun trivia. Along with Clubhouse, Houseparty is perhaps the undisputed hit of the […]

Clubhouse Voice Chat App: Usage, Funding, and Other News

To paraphrase what someone once said, never allow a crisis to go to waste. Well, it seems some social startups like Clubhouse are taking heed of this admonition – without the ominous undertone of a bond villain, of course. Clubhouse is an audio-based social network app that is pioneering a novel approach to how people […]

How To Do Outreach Marketing: 3,111 to 220,352 Traffic in 12 Months

Lately, everyone’s been talking about “outreach marketing”… But very few people are talking about what it is, or how to do it. In this post, I’m going to lay out our entire B2B outreach strategy process step by step. I’ll include the exact email templates we used to land huge media mentions and grow the […]

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