How We Grew CreditDonkey From 252k Traffic to 630k Monthly Traffic in 1 Year

Knowing how to properly manage money is a critical responsibility of everyone’s everyday life. It’s also an area that many people struggle with and worry about on a daily basis as well.  A recent Mind Over Money survey conducted by Capital One and The Decision Lab revealed that 77% of Americans are anxious over their […]

How We Grew Cloud Defense From 2,802 Traffic to 31,666 monthly Traffic in 1 Year

Cloud security, or the policies and technologies used to protect cloud-based data and infrastructure from external (and internal) threats, has become its own industry within the larger framework of cybersecurity.  With 90%+ of businesses in the United States alone reliant on cloud-based services for storing their data, the cloud has become a cybersecurity battleground and […]

How We Grew BrainStation From 11,065 traffic to 242,130 monthly Traffic in 2 Years

Educational technology, or the use of software and educational theory to facilitate learning and prepare people for careers in the tech industry, has risen in popularity over the last few years. EdTech has become an entire industry of its own where companies provide ‘bootcamps’ or training courses to students to help prepare them for careers […]

How to Buy Backlinks: Detailed Guide

It should go without saying that having visitors to your website is critical. If visitors can’t find you, they can’t buy from you, and that, after all, is why you have a website, to begin with, right? Over the years, experts and non-experts alike have written gigabytes, maybe even terabytes, of articles on how to […]

Statistics for SaaS Companies + SaaS growth

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is an industry that is gaining all sorts of media attention. Essentially, it is a new, streamlined way to deliver software to organizations both large and small. A third-party provider makes a variety of apps available to businesses that can be accessed over the Internet. SaaS basically is one […]

Paid vs. Organic Search – Measuring the ROI

The Internet is pervasive in modern life, and search engines are an enormous part of that pervasiveness… “Google” has gone from being a noun to a verb, with people suggesting that you “Google” something several times a day. If you want to know more about a news headline, you “Google” it. If you’re shopping for […]

Lessons Learned From Building $2,000,000 of Digital PR

Over the last 3 years at Blue Tree, we’ve gotten thousands of incredible media mentions for our clients… On sites like Forbes, Crunchbase, Oracle, FastCompany, Salesforce, and many others… We’ve learned a lot in that time and made a ton of mistakes.  We’ve also been through four major algo updates and seen countless sites go […]