13 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms for 2021 (+ Common Question Answers)

Staying updated in order to make a good decision on the best podcast host isn’t so easy. Not when there are so many good choices.

While some providers have been around forever, there are always fresh ones with new offers to keep an eye on.

If your goal is to start a podcast of your own, find better platforms, or budget better with the best offering possible – we’ve got your back!

Top 5 (for different reasons):

  1. Buzzsprout
  2. Transistor
  3. Captivate
  4. Simplecast
  5. Castos

Head to the Guide Section, learn more: get answers to your common questions … including how and where to host podcasts for free and the most important tools for podcasters.

What Is Podcast Hosting?

Podcast hosts let you manage, store and transmit all of your podcast audio files. By using an RSS feed (a record of all of your episodes), you can publish this for a podcast directory such as Apple to use.

How Do I Start?

If you want to start a podcast, have a look through our list. Once you’ve got one that fits your needs, sign up with the link, to store your MP3 audio files and create a podcast feed. (We recommend you start here: Buzzsprout.)


This is no different to setting up a blog/website with a web host. Let’s get into the picks for best podcasting host.

#1 Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is a simple podcasting system open to everyone. The design is very impressive; the dashboard is the best out there, so uploading is fun, quick, and easy…

They’re always updating: in the last few weeks, they’ve been offering new powerful features – to add to the lovely interface. This is one reason they are such a big name in this space.

Buzzsprout Homepage Screenshot

One very cool addition is the in-built transcription tool, but they’ve also recently updated the show notes text editor, added chapter markers, and even a new embed player.

You’ll also get awesome user statistics and a podcast website that’s mobile-responsive (which is awesome for SEO, by the way).

No Credit Card Needed

Sign up on a forever free plan, but any episodes you upload will be deleted after three months unless you subscribe for $12/month. Great value!

Click this Buzzsprout link: you’ll get a $20 Amazon gift card, for hopping onto their two-month paid plan.

#2 Transistor

Transistor is one of the new top podcast hosts we were talking about, and also offers analytics, with a reputation as a great team player.

Transistor podcast homepage

This company is brand-oriented (they earned their by serving Cards Against Humanity) – but are also a great choice for those who podcast seriously.

If that’s you:

  • ☑️ Get great analytic podcasts insights
  • ☑️ Host any number of shows
  • ☑️ Create a beautiful podcast website
  • ☑️ Assign different team roles (editor, producer, so on)
  • ☑️ Plus more…

What’s awesome about the player function is that you can browse the website without interrupting the podcast at all.

Access the private podcasting tool, which lets you just decide which of your casts to make private or public, without creating a new account or paying anything more.

2-Week Free Trial

For 10,000 views a month or under, pay only $19/month, which will be more than enough for most podcasters and gain powerful analytics.

Transistor Listener Trends Tracker

Learn more: have a look at their comparison review for Transistor Vs. Simplecast (next on our list). For Anchor, click here.

Begin your 2-week free trial here.

#3 Captivate

Mesmerize, with an outstanding brand-new, high-grade podcast hosting platform – it’s by the exact same group that has actually been behind Podcast Websites for several years (discussed later down the web page) so their experience in the podcast market shines through!

Captivate Homepage Screenshot

You can see they meticulously thought about every little thing in the main control panel, from:

  • ✅ Slick analytics that are easily understandable
  • ✅ How remarkable the player and internet site look
  • ✅ No limitations to your staff member numbers
  • ✅ How integrated the CTA’s are, so you can guide readers anywhere you desire

Below’s a little sneak peek prior to you trying it out…

Captivate Control Panel

There are a number of various other benefits like simultaneous uploading, the WordPress personalized plugin which works integratively, clever UI functions like setting schedules, as well as a bunch more.

One awesome addition they just introduced is an excellent looking and also easy-to-generate podcast sponsorship set PDF that allows you to highlight your newest episodes and also reveals critical download figures:

Captivate Podcast Sponsor Kit

Obviously, they give you a beautiful mobile-responsive site that instantly loads your desired shades and colours  (see the Spark of Rebellion example above).

Something we really did not enjoy about the brand-new layout was transformed only a while ago – showing they take user-responses seriously and quickly update. Awesome!

You can host an endless variety of podcasts beginning at $19/month for up to 12K downloads  – sufficient for almost all podcasters.

They additionally keep core functions unrestricted by the tier you’re on, and the same is definitely not true for others hosts. This is where to host podcasts for free or cheap.

Join a 7-day free trial of Captivate and start your podcast today!

#4 Simplecast

We needed to highlight Simplecast since they’re doing awesome stuff.

For one, their player is among the best to look at (and pleasurable to use) that we’ve seen. See detailed analytics for people using it. See a little sneak peek of the various layouts you can make use of:

Simplecast Layouts

Beginning at $15/month, you’ll obtain unrestricted uploads, analytics, the capacity to have numerous individuals handle your podcast, a gorgeous site and also a lot extra.

For $35/month, you get extra personalization, extra staff members, up to 50K downloads/month, deeper analytics, you can make use of a custom-made domain name, and there’s even more.

Here’s a little glimpse into the sort of analytics you’ll see:

Simplecast Analytics

Firms like Slack host with them, along with various podcasts both big and little. They recently upgraded the appearance of their whole system, together with lots of brand-new functions.

Join a 14-day trial now. Our Simplecast coupon code INSIGHTS will get you 50% off your very first 60 days!

#5 Castos

Castos Hosting has superb tools as well as effortless WordPress integrations.

These are the guys and gals who own the Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin where you can handle your feeds and also add brand-new episodes right from WP.

Castos Homepage

You’ll have limitless uploads as well as downloads for $19/month, in addition to a superb adjustable player that can be installed onto your site.

Castos has a 14-day complimentary trial, yet if with the discount coupon code PI2018, you’ll have one totally free month! Buy one year, and you’ll have another 2 months free.

Have a look at Castos – join with this link.

Even More Podcast Hosting Companies

That’s the top 5. Check out more cool choices for hosting your podcast (plus, where to host podcasts for free on quality trials).

#6 Podbean

Podbean has super rates for brand-new podcasters. There is a free 5-hour upload (restricted) tier that comes with basic analytics. You will not be able to connect a custom domain name at this level.

Podbean Homepage

They have a limitless upload tier beginning at $9/month (annual) that offers deep statistics, custom domain names, a site, plus more.

Podbean hosts their very own podcast for iPhone/Android – they also have an Alexa skill so you can voice-control your subscribed podcasts.

Join free for one month here when you join the unlimited tier.

#7 Spreaker

Spreaker has actually been around for a decade and in that time has developed special tools and apps for podcasters.

Spreaker Homepage Screenshot

One mentionable is Live Podcasting. Your audiences can connect with you by using their chat feature and you’ll find other such comms features.

A great deal of readers ask us about this and Spreaker most definitely does this well and simply.

They have both a mobile app (for Apple iPhone as well as Android) as well as a desktop one (Windows/Mac) for streaming, recording, stats, and a lot more.

Functions differ depending upon the device, yet these both come free with your sign-up.

Spreaker for iOs and Android

There is a free trial that lets you try out Speaker, but the $20/month Broadcaster choice is right in the Goldilocks zone.

Click here to grab a month free for any of their tiers (the discount code INSIGHTS will certainly be instantly used).

#8 Blubrry

We did a great deal of research, prior to picking our very first favourite podcast host (several years ago) where Blubrry won, although “huge” players in this space championed or were run by other names.

Blubrry Homepage

Much has shifted in the landscape and they would not be my main option today, yet they should still be referenced.

We selected them at that time due to:

  • ☑️ How easily they integrated with WordPress’s PowerPress plugin
  • ☑️ The depth of stats available on the free tier
  • ☑️ No extra charges for uploads – you can submit greater than your month-to-month restriction without being billed more

The first tier is $12/month for 100MB of audio space monthly. With episode size in mind, that should cover 1 episode weekly at the minimum.

Get Your Free Month With Blubrry.

#9 Podiant

Podiant makes it especially easy to begin as well as grow a podcast (you may have heard this slogan which comes from them) – with endless storage all for $12.99/month.

Podiant Homepage Screenshot

Several of key highlights are:

  • ✅ Site with pages and blog posting ability
  • ✅ Podcast stats
  • ✅ Automatic posts to YouTube
  • ✅ Social share tools
  • ✅ Dropbox integrations

Make sure to make use of the promotion code INSIGHTS to grab 25% off your initial 90 days (you’ll insert the code once you’ve joined up  – try them out with this link).

#10 PodServe.fm

Though it sounds like a radio station, PodServe.fm allows you to host any number of podcasts with 2,000 GB data transfer limits each month. That’s sufficient for over 60K downloads monthly.

Podserve.fm Homepage

What truly makes them unique is that your podcast will be promo for free on PodParadise, a podcast directory site that sees thousands of views each month.

They make getting started very easy as well as getting seen everywhere. Prices begin from $19/month and also if you do get lots of downloads and attention, you can upgrade to $20 per 3,000 GB.

Start your free trial period here.

#11 PodcastGIANT

If you want to know where to host podcasts for free, one that gives you a web page, as well as manages your needs whether you’re simply starting or already have a ton of viewers, PodcastGIANT is ideal.

Podcast Giant Homepage

If you would rather avoid technical setup tasks to do with hosting and web pages, this is the one for you.

Have a look at PodcastGIANT here to join without starting costs.

#12 Backtracks

Backtracks self-promotes as the most innovative podcast stats/analytics and hosting tool.

Backtracks Podcast Homepage

Their costs are a little over the top if you’re simply beginning, however for those running a respectable sized brand or media firm, having an easy way to get deep analytics is priceless.

Numerous big names are hosted by these guys and their player is truly wonderful with clickable notations/transcripts. You can see a demo on their website.

#13 audioBoom 

audioBoom allows you to host, publish, as well as generate income from your podcast. They sort their plans based on the amount of downloads you expect per month.

Audioboom Homepage

The “New podcasters” choice is $9.99/ month and gives you permission to release as much as 5 episodes each month with as much as 10,000 plays each month.

As soon as you exceed 10K month-to-month downloads, you’ll be allowed to use their targeted advertisement network, branded collaborations, as well as sponsorships.

This is a fantastic means to quickly monetize your podcast once you begin to get noticed.

They likewise have one more plan level for podcast networks/radio networks with extra marketing, sponsorship, and management choices.

Useful Tools You Should Know About

See these handy tools and services we advise for podcasters.

Hosts (for Websites)

There’s nothing more important than to have a place to send your visitors where you own the landscape.

It’s the beginning of good content marketing. Some of the podcast hosts will give you a free site, which is wonderful when initially beginning a podcast.

If you need extra versatility to talk to your audience, you’ll need your own site and host for WordPress.

Below is our suggested host:


Bluehost is my best recommendation for smaller-sized (less than 20K visits per month) websites.

Bluehost Logo

They make it extremely simple to begin and their pricings are great with 24/7 assistance and a SSL and domain free as standard! There’s a 30-day money-back as well.

We’re huge believers in WordPress (you can seriously optimize your rankings on Google, by paying attention to and tweaking the most important factors that affect SEO  – this is not so possible on a podcast site).


Even if you do not go with your own site host, you’ll need a domain (a URL address) to air your podcast.


Namecheap offers you Whois Privacy for free with any domain name. They use SSL certifications, hosting as well as much more. Lower your chances of being spammed.

Namecheap Logo

Grab a .com address today!

WordPress Themes

Need to develop your very own podcast site? Check out our guide on how to design a WordPress blog site. You’ll get much more out of a paid theme than a free one: better uptime, speeds, functionality, and custom looks.

SecondLine Themes

SecondLine Themes makes WordPress designs tailored to podcasters. At present, they use 5 various styles:

  • ☑️ Satchmo
  • ☑️ Bolden
  • ☑️ Gumbo
  • ☑️ Dixie
  • ☑️ Tusant

All of StudioPress’s themes are made via the Genesis Framework, which ensures great SEO, security, quickness, and also constantly updates.

You’ll find a ton of in-depth tutorials on their site to assist you in getting your page looking like the demo examples.

An additional option you ought to consider:

Because SP was just purchased by WPEngine, so you can obtain every SP theme (35+ expertly crafted) when you register for a WPEngine hosting package.

Email Marketing

Emails are super effective for monetizing your podcast (see exact email templates we use). Directly offer your subscribers all-new episodes, special deals, meetups … more!


You definitely need to make use of ConvertKit as your email marketer.

ConvertKit Logo

They were constructed especially to fit podcasters and blog owner needs, unlike a few of the more known names in email advertising and marketing.

There’s a lot of reasons they are excellent, however we advise looking at the quick demo vid and joining up for free to see what we’re talking about.

Mix/Mastering & Tagging


Auphonic lets you compress and also master your audio so you do not have spikes. But that’s not all – it does a whole lot a lot more:

Once you’re done, it will instantly send your podcast episodes to SoundCloud as well as YouTube, and an additional duplicate to Dropbox  – once all your mp3 documents are correctly labelled (“tagged”) with cover art and episode info.


Descript is all you need for transcripts, contained in a text editor. It works for sound or video clips – it’s outstanding. Use this link to grab a thousand free transcription minutes.

An alternative is Scribie which does both transcriptions and inscriptions (captions) for your audio and videos.

They begin at 80 cents per minute, depending on turnaround time. They can work with various dialects (Australian, American, Canadian, UK) and have a super easy control panel.

Podcast Ranking Insights


Chartable reveals to you your podcast’s position in the standings with a fast warning on whether you are going up or down.


How Should I Choose A Podcast Host?

Not all podcast companies serve the same audience. Some are created for novices, brand names, or official businesses – with rates to match.

podcasting Mic

We’d checked out how easy each is to use, rates, client support, quality of players and audio, stats, storage, and extra factors to aid you in picking out the ideal host for your demands. We would certainly suggest beginning with the top five section area near the top of this guide.

What is the Average Cost for Podcast Hosting?

Typically, rates for podcast hosting varies from $5/month to $50/month. Prices differ depending upon the firm you select, the number of episodes you generate monthly, and also the number of downloads.

To make this somewhat extra complex, some names base prices on size, hrs, downloads, or data transfers.

Most will not need to invest anything over $19/month when beginning. If you have a prominent podcast, you may see this shoot up a lot.

Where to Host Podcasts for Free?

Naturally, you can do this, though we don’t suggest it. If a solution comes free, that implies your personal info is normally how they’re making money.

To demonstrate, check out Facebook and all the concerns over personal privacy issues recently.

There have actually been numerous instances of podcast hosting systems that are free closing down (taking your podcast down too!), so we would be more careful and select a paid solution.

There are plenty of quality free trial options though.

Can I Upload Audio Directly to My Web Host Instead?

Your audio files are enormous compared to other media you publish (a photo could be 300kb, yet an MP3 is often a hundred times that).


The moment you begin having several visitors streaming or downloading simultaneously (which will likely happen after you launch brand-new episodes), your site will flounder under all that information, affecting your website’s performance.

This leads to a bad experience for both podcast audiences and site visitors 😫. Even worse, some hosts will boot you out – not something you’d want!

Where Should I Publish My Podcast?

We’d go for Spotify, Apple Podcasts, as well as Google Podcasts – these are the main three players for publishing.

As you can see in the visuals one paragraph up, there are numerous other platforms to find listeners.

Note that much of the popular other apps like Overcast and also Castbox run via Apple Podcasts (for their show directories), which is why it is so vital.

All of the best podcast hosts will certainly assist you with integrating these others.

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