Best Landing Page Builders: Top 8 Picks

Your website might be immaculately designed and perfectly set up… except for your landing page. It’s one thing when some deep page doesn’t perform well.

But your landing page is responsible for driving traffic and conversion throughout other areas of your site.

Without a great landing page, your entire website might suffer from a single bad layout or uninspiring aesthetic.

Page builders are already great tools if you want a little assistance putting together professional looking websites.

But dedicated landing page builders can provide specialized assistance and excellent formatting help for these page types in particular.

Like with generalized page builders, however, the best landing page builder largely depends on your budget, your experience level and what you need for your site. Let’s break down some top landing page builder choices.

What Are Landing Page Builders?

As the name suggests, landing page builders are special software packages that will help you put together a perfect landing page for your website.

They’re pretty similar to regular page builders, but most of these builders have extra tools or templates tailored specifically to the unique needs and advantages that great landing pages can provide.

This is all important because landing pages are (at least for many websites) a prime driver of traffic and a big part of overall SEO functionality and performance.

This affects how well you rank on Google’s pages. They’re technically any page that a consumer can click to from Google, but in reality, they’re pages specialized to perform a single purpose. Landing pages:

  • follow-up on promises made in other parts of your content
  • provide gateways where visitors can become customers
  • generate leads by offering items
  • drive conversion and traffic above all other aspects

Landing pages are also often the first places where visitors will interact with your site, and a good landing page can drive them to other pages where all your other conversion efforts can work their magic.

On the flip side, bad landing pages can also drive visitors away and make all your other website optimization efforts moot.

To make things even more complicated, many SEO experts will claim that having multiple landing pages is much better than having just one.

This way, you can tailor each landing page to a different type of visitor group or demographic. However, it’s tough to create a single top-tier landing page, let alone several.

This is where landing page builders come into the mix.

Who Needs Landing Page Software?

In short, landing page software is software that can optimize your landing page for conversions. It’s hard to imagine someone who couldn’t use this assistance, at least to some extent.

Even if you’re the best SEO-wizard in the world, chances are you can still benefit from a little help, if only to improve your raw page output.

landing page software

Landing page software provides formats or drag-and-drop elements that can help you build a page piece by piece and freely experiment with different looks or aesthetics, improving your creativity.

Even better, many landing page software packages also come with pre-made page templates to help you jumpstart your page creating process.

Here’s who’ll benefit the most from using landing page builders:

  • Any website owner looking to run high-quality marketing campaigns. You can create multiple landing pages and experiment with different formats, then quickly shift strategies as you watch metric results
  • If you sell high-priced items (like stuff over $1000 in value), you should have the best landing page possible for that (or those) product. When your potential profit is so high, having a perfect landing page maximizes the chances of making sales with more of your visitors
  • If you want to A/B test different pages or aspects of your website for a truly optimal online experience, landing page builders can be your ally. They’ll let you come up with multiple landing pages in rapid succession, and tons of great page builders even come with built-in A/B switching tools
  • Lastly, if you don’t have a lot of experience making high-quality landing pages but still want to jumpstart your online business’ success, you can spend a little extra cash in the beginning and use a landing page builder to bootstrap your creation efforts

What Should You Look For in a Great Landing Page Builder?

Not all landing page builders are alike. In fact, many of them are extremely different from one another aside from their core purpose.

Here are the main aspects you should look for or consider when selecting a landing page builder for your site.

How Do They Let You Build Pages?

This is easily the first thing to think about. Does a landing page builder let you drag-and-drop elements in the place? Is it user-friendly?

Or does it require some website building experience beforehand to really squeeze all the value out of the software?

unbounce landing page builder

The idea landing page builder, in our eyes, will be easy to use and intuitive in terms of its interface and its available tools.

Does the Builder Perform Smoothly?

Needless to say, good landing page builders should run smoothly on your computer.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to wrangle a lagging piece of software into order when you’re just trying to test out a few different landing page templates.

Template Selection

Speaking of which, how many templates does a given landing page builder come with, and does that number change depending on the subscription or pricing point you choose?

Some landing page builders come with dozens or hundreds of different templates for you to choose from.

Others may be more limited in their scope but provide better templates in overall quality as opposed to hundreds of low-quality outlines.

The key is to dive deep into the templates offered by a given builder and see what they offer in total, not just the raw number.

Sometimes, landing page builders will have templates specialized for different industries or niches, which can be great if you’re just starting out and need all the help you can get.

How Much Freedom Does the Builder Offer?

This aspect will matter more or less depending on your creative instincts.

Some website owners really prioritize ultimate freedom and will appreciate landing page builders that give them more customization and freedom when comes to website design.

Others may appreciate more “training wheels”, so to speak, that perhaps offer fewer options in terms of raw customization but make it easier to slide different elements of the place.

instapage landing page builder

Think about how much creativity you want for your landing page building experience before settling on a provider.

Integration Options

Virtually every successful website these days makes heavy use of different tools that can be integrated with their site and other pieces of software.

Website builders, email marketing software, widgets, and more can all provide you with additional customization options or may even be necessary depending on the existing architecture of your site.

Consider whether a landing page builder allows for heavy integration or only a little integration before purchasing.


You should, of course, think about the price of a good landing page builder before pulling the trigger. Some page builders are incredibly affordable or may even give you free resources (with some limitations, of course).

Others may come with free trials but be exclusively paid software.

This point depends on your overall budget, but cheaper landing page builders will likely be better for new website creators while the reverse is probably true if you have an established online presence and plenty of experience.

Is It a Dedicated Landing Page Builder, or a General Page Builder?

One last thing to consider is whether a piece of software is designed for building dedicated landing pages or if it’s more of a general page builder package.

create a landing page

Either one can work for your purposes, but you might get more bang for your buck by focusing on a general page builder if you want to use the same kinds of tools for every main page of your website.

On the other hand, if your other pages are all set and the landing page is the only thing that needs work, a dedicated landing page builder might be right up your alley.

Our Favorite Landing Page Builders

While are almost too many landing page builders to count, these seven represent the top pieces we’d recommend for anyone looking to build a new website or just supercharge their landing page’s current effectiveness.

#1 Unbounce


  • Provides tons of SEO-friendly tools
  • Offers over 100 templates
  • Uses an intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Works well with most major plug-ins like AdWords
  • Great for WordPress websites
  • Has A/B testing


  • There is a slight learning curve for the advanced tools
  • Some features only available for more expensive plans

unbounce logo

Our first choice is easily one of the best dedicated landing page builders on the web. It’s ideally suited for anyone to improve the efficacy of their landing page.

For instance, you’ll find that Unbounce provides over 100 templates that are easy to use right after downloading the software.

This is especially true since this landing page builder features an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that even the most novice website creator can figure out without too much trouble.

Furthermore, Unbounce is extremely friendly to plug-ins, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it with your existing site architecture.

You can even use Unbounce to make your website pages a little more responsive to mobile visitors. Considering that mobile traffic is only going to become more important, this is a great benefit.

It has A/B testing ready to go as soon as you download, too. Even beyond its landing page building benefits, Unbounce has other tools to help you raise your conversion rates.

Dynamic text replacement tools, pop-ups, and sticky bars, and more all await. Did we mention that it’s also extremely good for WordPress integration?

While Unbounce isn’t the most affordable landing page builder on the list, it’s also far from the most expensive.

As such, it provides great value for money and is well worth the asking price if you don’t want to take chances with more budget-friendly software.

If you aren’t sure, you can take advantage of their free trial and give it a shot yourself.

#2 Paperform


  • Over 600 pre-built templates
  • Over 3,000 integrations
  • Removable Paperform branding
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Almost limitless customization options


  • No free version

If you’re looking for a flexible platform for your small business or team, Paperform might be the tool for you. It allows you to create anything from landing pages for products and events to forms that can automate onboarding.

The editor is no-code and is accessible for both beginners and experienced users. With almost limitless customization fields and advanced workflows, such as being able to create your own themes and embed content wherever you like, tech savvy users can get inspired and create the solutions they need.

For users with less experience, or those who want to quickly whip up a landing page or form, there are over 600 pre-built templates available that can seamlessly be integrated on your website or act as individual landing pages.

It also comes with Native integrations and connects with more than 3,000 popular apps through third party platforms like Zapier and Make.

It’s also worth mentioning that they offer 24/7 customer service and their support team is well known for being helpful when it comes to solving either simple, or complex issues.

All in all, they’re a great choice if you’re a small business looking for a Digital Swiss Army Knife and need a powerful tool to reduce busywork and help you get more done.

#3 Instapage


  • Pretty affordable compared to competitors
  • Over 200 templates available
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop functionality
  • Can be seamlessly integrated with other platforms
  • Has other tools for complex ad campaigns


  • Some web personalization tools locked behind higher-priced plans
  • No A/B testing with the core, cheapest package
instapage logo

If you want something even more user-friendly than Unbounce, we’d recommend giving Instapage a shot. You’ll be able to launch pages almost instantaneously thanks to their intuitive design and simplistic interface.

Once you download the software, you can use over 200 customizable templates, many of which are pre-organized according to your needs.

They have landing page templates for lead generation or app download, for example.

Even better, editing all these pages is quick and easy using the “Instablock” tool, which allows you to visually edit a page according to your instincts without changing any code.

Just drag-and-drop a block wherever you like and you’re set!

Even better, Instapage provides integration tools so you can connect your website to Facebook, Google, or other ads. Connecting various landing pages to those ads is similarly easy thanks to Instapage’s interface.

So it’s also a great tool if you want to run a complex or multi-channel ad campaign to drive traffic.

It also comes with an A/B testing tool and real-time analytical tools without requiring separate plug-ins.

Furthermore, Instapage is a bit more affordable than Unbounce on average, though as with Unbounce, some of their best features are locked behind the higher price plans.

Still, given the plethora of extra tools (like heatmaps, custom code editions, dynamic keyword insertion, and more) and the ease of use, it’s hard not to recommend Instapage for beginners and those who just don’t want to deal with frustrating page builder software – period!

#4 LeadPages


  • Very affordable court packages
  • The builder itself is easy to use
  • Does include several conversion rate-boosting tools
  • There’s a 14-day free trial


  • Not the best security unless you pay for a higher price plan
  • Can’t access some key features until you pay extra
leadpages logo

As with Instapage, LeadPages is a worthy choice if you’re looking for something that provides quality while being great for your budget.

They also use a drag-and-drop page editor and provide tons of well-designed templates (156 in total). These can further be customized to be mobile-friendly: a critical point in today’s digital market.

They also include several conversion rate-boosting tools like pop-up boxes and alert bars.

You can make on-page payments using tools that come out of the box and there’s even an integrated Facebook ad builder you can use to boost your marketing campaigns.

Other tools involve dynamic text replacement, email integration, and more. You can even create a free account for 14 days before pulling the trigger.

However, A/B testing is locked out of the court package, along with other integrations and email-based tools. They also not be the best choice if you need enterprise-grade security.

Furthermore, their templates, while varying, are not as fully customizable as those offered by other landing page builders on the market.

Still, they’re hard to beat in terms of pure affordability and bare-bones functionality.

We’d recommend them if you want an efficient landing page builder for a simplistic site or aren’t too concerned about lots of bells and whistles or security.

#5 HubSpot


  • Very flexible builder overall
  • Diverse selection of templates
  • Customer service is superb
  • A/B testing is great
  • Works well with other Hub Spot offerings


  • Very pricey compared to other options
  • Some of the available templates are pretty basic
  • Must sign up to the Marketplace to use the tool in the first place
hubspot logo

We’d recommend lots of people to check out HubSpot. However, the software is set up a little differently from other competitors in this sphere.

You have to buy into the Marketing Hub from HubSpot to use the landing page builder, as it’s not included with the free version of the Marketing Hub.

Still, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a page builder that’s ideal for businesses that do a lot of marketing.

The page creator itself is pretty straightforward but is extremely limited in terms of templates at first; only 11 are included with the software itself.

Hundreds more are included with your subscription to the Marketplace, however, so that’s a big bonus.

Furthermore, pages created using the software will be optimized for mobile users. You can use A/B testing to try out different variations of pages and see which ones work best for most of your users.

Furthermore, CRM-data editors will really love the available tools that will let them personalize the page to their heart’s content.

The other Marketplace Hub tools integrate quite easily with this software, which is to be expected given the price tag of around $800 a month!

You’ll be able to integrate other software packages with your site pages, use plug-ins, and add videos fairly quickly and easily as well.

Lastly, their customer service is well-known for their polite attitude and in-depth knowledge when it comes to building an ideal landing page.

All in all, they’re a great choice if you already have an enterprise-style business and want to supercharge lead generation across the network.

But look elsewhere if you’re building a personal site and need something more budget-friendly.

#6 Wishpond


  • Lets you customize landing pages and other pages
  • Also lets you create pop-ups and social contests
  • Includes several marketing automated features
  • Decent prices for the beginner packages
  • Integrates well with other services


  • Not a dedicated landing page builder
  • Editor has some limitations that other builders do not
Wishpond Logo

More than just a standard landing page builder, Wishpond allows you to tackle tons of website building tasks through its interface.

You’ll also be able to create pop-ups and social contests; these are tools that are fantastic for driving user engagement and conversion.

Furthermore, a selection of automated marketing features is made available even from the lowest subscription package. This is a generalized page builder instead of dedicated landing page software.

More interestingly, Wishpond offers a “Done for You” package that outsources landing page (or any other page) creation to their professional team. Naturally, this costs quite a bit extra.

But it’s fantastic if you want to take a more hands-off approach to landing page generation and want to handle other aspects of your online business.

The pages created will nonetheless be mobile friendly and you benefit from one-click A/B testing regardless.

You can easily integrate the landing pages made from Wishpond with over 300 other services, and the available templates you can choose from are well-designed and easy to edit.

There are several in-depth customization tools available to you if you have a little more technical expertise. Even analytical tools are included for added value.

This being said, you’re limited at the lowest tier plan to 1000 leads.

The editor, while decent, still isn’t as robust as the ones offered by Instapage or Unbounce. Overall, though, it’s a great choice if you want a more generalized piece of software for a wide variety of goals.

#7 Wix


  • Free or very affordable
  • Very easy to launch and use
  • Allows you to make landing pages and other types of pages
  • Available templates are admittedly effective and based on staple needs (i.e. lead capturing or “under construction”)


  • Not nearly as flexible or customizable as other builders
  • Cheaper plans have significant scalability caps
wix logo

Wix is another generalized page builder. In fact, it’s one of the most well-known tools if you want to build a website from scratch. So you can use it to build high-quality landing pages just as well as regular pages.

However, this does mean that many of their landing page templates are necessarily more limited than the stuff you can find for dedicated landing page builder software.

Their pages are also not as fully editable as those from other builders. Again, this is mostly because Wix is a general site builder instead of a dedicated landing page creator.

Still, you can select from over 30 templates and can use Wix to edit or create other parts of your site, which may make it valuable to those on a budget looking for a one-size-fits-all solution.

The landing pages you can create are easy to launch and the editor is similarly easy to navigate. Even better, you can try out Wix using its free plan.

Even it’s paid options are pretty affordable, starting at $11 a month.

Note that these cheaper plans don’t have very high bandwidth and storage caps, so take care if you want a solution that allows your website to rapidly expand or scale as popularity increases.

All in all, it still deserves a place on this list since beginners or those getting the hang of crafting their first websites will find a lot to like about it, especially its price.

#8 Landingi


  • Lets you hire professionals to make your landing pages
  • Easy to use editor
  • Can in that your pages with Facebook
  • Pages are made ready to go for mobile users
  • Comes with basic automation and analytical tools


  • Some staple functions aren’t available for the cheapest package
landingi logo

Lastly, consider Landingi, which features several unique design elements to set it apart from the pack.

It provides you with over 200 landing page templates right out of the box, but you can also create your own template from scratch if you have an artistic instinct you want to represent.

Or you can hire the Landingi team to make landing pages for you for an additional fee.

They don’t limit how many landing pages you build or how much traffic you end up gathering.

The editor (should you choose to use it) is flexible and intuitive, and any purchase also comes with several automated marketing features and analytical tools.

A/B testing is available, though not for the cheapest package. Unfortunately, the same is true if you want to integrate your site with third-party tools are plug-ins; you have to pay more for these staple benefits.

Still, there’s a lot to like. Landingi lets you easily embed your landing pages on your Facebook page, and pages are made to be mobile friendly upon launch.

We’d recommend Landingi if you’re interested in trying your hand at landing page creation but want the backup option of professional assistance if you find it too daunting or time-consuming.


Ultimately, the best landing page builder in our opinion is Unbounce. There’s simply too much going for it for us to recommend anything different.

Unbounce’s plug-in and integration friendliness, excellent editor, and phenomenal spread of available templates make it a great choice for those looking to build a new site or just improve the performance of a current online endeavor.

Some might call them too pricy, but we don’t think you can complain too much about the cost given the quality.

But while Unbounce is our favorite, you might have another. But we’re confident that one of the above landing page builders will be a perfect fit for your site and business model.

Also, with more and more businesses moving to the online sphere, you might want to check our top picks for the best webinar software that could help your business grow. Good luck!

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