Digital PR Statistics You Need To Know For 2023

For any brand today, expanding your audience and driving more traffic toward your site means boosting your digital reputation. Growing your brand’s online presence is a key part of any company’s marketing strategy today.  One of the most effective strategies for securing high-quality mentions in high-authority websites with relevant content is digital PR. Establishing a […]

How BlueTree Helped Waveapps Take Control of Their Online Presence with a High-Impact Digital PR Campaign

Introduction Waveapps, an innovative accounting software company, helps businesses take control of their finances with an intuitive platform that streamlines financial management. As the business environment becomes more competitive, companies like Waveapps must find ways to increase their online visibility and establish themselves as industry leaders. This is where Blue Tree stepped in, leveraging its […]

White-Label Linkbuilding

Search engine algorithms use several factors and measurements to rank a website for specific keywords. One of the best ways to boost your ability to provide users with valuable info consistently, grow organically, and break into the top search engine results is through link-building. A collection of high-quality backlinks will boost your authority, and in […]

Definitive Guide to PR Backlinks

Press releases are an excellent way for brands to inform the public about exciting company news. But they don’t have a direct effort on SEO. However, having a PR link-building strategy is still key to building a robust online presence. There are ways that press links can turn into PR referral traffic down the line.  […]

Finance / Forex B2B Case Study – PR SEO and Custom Outreach Link Building

Our client, a forex broker and publisher of finance news, was struggling to find high-quality link placements in their industry. The Forex niche is notoriously ultra-competitive, making it a challenge to build unique, strong, and high-quality links. They reached out to us in the hopes of increasing brand awareness and organic traffic along with it. […]

Slack vs. Email: Knowing When to Leave Your Inbox

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to operate remotely. And for those that have been able to successfully make the switch, it’s been largely rewarding. Remote working is only going to become more prominent as the years go on. It’s possible many companies will realize there’s no need to spend rent on office space […]

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