How Freshbooks Increased Organic Traffic by 257% with Blue Tree’s Digital PR Strategy

With the rapid growth of consumer fintech applications in recent years, businesses are turning to digital marketing to find and attract new customers.  Like many other companies in the invoicing and accounting software industry, Freshbooks was struggling with problems that affected companies of all sizes. Three overriding concerns frequently showed up as they developed their […]

Exploring the Explosive Growth of the Cybersecurity Market

In our rapidly evolving digital world, the need to protect sensitive information has become more critical than ever before. Cybersecurity serves as our shield against the ever-growing threats lurking in the digital landscape.  Amidst this backdrop, the cybersecurity market has emerged as a vibrant and essential sector. This article explores the captivating story behind the […]

Ad-Tech’s Dynamic Growth Trends and Statistics

Advertising technology (Ad-Tech) continually continues to redefine how brands connect with their audiences. The intersection of technology and advertising has propelled the industry into new realms, with innovation driving remarkable growth and transformation.  As we get into the latest trends and statistics shaping Ad-Tech, it becomes evident that this sector stands at the forefront of […]

AI Industry Growth Statistics: Exploring Key Metrics Driving Growth of AI

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry has undergone an unprecedented surge in recent years, transforming the global economic landscape and revolutionizing various sectors. With its rapid evolution and groundbreaking applications, AI has emerged as a cornerstone of technological advancement, reshaping the way businesses operate and societies function. The AI industry had witnessed remarkable expansion, reaching unprecedented […]

Fintech Market Growth Statistics

The fintech sector has witnessed exponential growth over the past decade, revolutionizing traditional financial services through innovative technological advancements.  According to data through 2022, the global fintech market exhibited a remarkable trajectory, with a projected market value surpassing $492 billion. This growth has been primarily fueled by increasing consumer demand for seamless, efficient, and convenient […]

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