DA & DR Metrics Explained

Linkbuilding is a skill that takes practice and a little know-how to get right. Many companies use DA & DR metrics to determine whether or not a domain is a quality addition to a solid backlink portfolio. But a high DA or DR score doesn’t necessarily mean it has the juice.  DA (domain authority) & […]

Paid vs. Organic Search – Measuring the ROI

The Internet is pervasive in modern life, and search engines are an enormous part of that pervasiveness… “Google” has gone from being a noun to a verb, with people suggesting that you “Google” something several times a day. If you want to know more about a news headline, you “Google” it. If you’re shopping for […]

Clubhouse Voice Chat App: Usage, Funding, and Other News

To paraphrase what someone once said, never allow a crisis to go to waste. Well, it seems some social startups like Clubhouse are taking heed of this admonition – without the ominous undertone of a bond villain, of course. Clubhouse is an audio-based social network app that is pioneering a novel approach to how people […]

Most Common Website Maintenance Costs

If you’re building a website, it’s best to do it right from the outset. Not only does that ensure security and compliance with industry or government regulations, it will save you money on maintenance. Before embarking on your web-building activities, we want to ease your mind by providing an overview of cost by website type […]

How to Rank Higher on Google

Working with Google is a bit of a black box. It’s difficult to know what is working and why certain websites move up or down in the results. One of the most common questions that new SEOs have is: How can I increase my Google ranking? While the answer itself isn’t that straightforward we can […]

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