How The Young and Invested Achieved 200% Growth in Organic Traffic

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Blue Tree Digital PR provides high authority, hard-to-land backlinks through its team of professional writers. Through its many relationships with leading SEOs, Blue Tree has built an excellent relationship with financial affiliates. Founders Dan and Sia had great experience growing these types of sites and backlink profiles. Blue Tree also successfully created similar link profiles […]

White Hat Link Building Service: A Complete Guide

In today’s digital atmosphere, establishing a strong online presence is essential. Link building is one effective strategy for boosting your brand’s reputation and reach, targeting the right niche audiences, and driving traffic to your site.  However, not all links provide the same value. While some links can help cement your site’s reputation as a trustworthy […]

How We Doubled a Hosting Providers Traffic Overnight… Almost

Introduction Blue Tree is renowned for crafting successful digital PR campaigns for businesses across various industries. In this case study, we’ll share how we executed a highly effective backlinking campaign for a trusted hosting solutions provider that caters to businesses from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. We’ll refer to the company as “TrustedHost.” […]

Best Link-Building Software Solutions

Introduction Link-building is an essential part of any content strategy. It helps improve your brand’s authority and boosts your search engine rankings. A significant amount of information goes into creating backlink-worthy content that consistently earns referral traffic and instills trust in visitors and site crawlers. While firms can absolutely go out and buy all the […]

How to Get Backlinks From High Authority Websites

Backlinks are the little blue check of the SEO world. Without it, people won’t know if they can trust your brand to provide valuable content. But earning high authority backlinks is easier said than done.  Millions of websites like yours are vying for the top spots of search engine results. SEO competition is steep, and […]

Best SEO Tools

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s the process of getting more and better quality traffic to flow to your website via organic search results. Unlike paid search ads, no direct payment is needed. People arrive at your site from certain search queries/keywords (90% of the search market is Google’s, by StatCounter’s numbers). How SEO […]

How to Write a Digital Invoice

Owning a business is complicated, but that doesn’t mean every aspect of it needs to be. Setting up a professional website and all of the other branding necessities is easier than ever before, and functions like email, analytics, and record-keeping can be synced to work together seamlessly. As one of the most important parts of […]

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