White-Label Linkbuilding

Search engine algorithms use several factors and measurements to rank a website for specific keywords. One of the best ways to boost your ability to provide users with valuable info consistently, grow organically, and break into the top search engine results is through link-building.

A collection of high-quality backlinks will boost your authority, and in return, your website will be rewarded by ranking higher in search results. But a few rotten eggs have made link-building a controversial topic. 

White-Label Links & How to Get Them

Backlink building is in-demand since many organizations are switching to a digital-first strategy. It helps companies reach wider audiences, improve their online presence, and build a brand reputation built on authority and trust.

But some have chosen to take advantage of the system by charging exorbitantly high prices for link-building services that don’t provide results or using unethical means to generate large amounts of backlinks in a short period of time. 

Like all the best things in life, backlinks must be earned. 

White-label link-building delivers quality backlinks with the help of backlink experts that know how to create, pitch, and earn backlinks with valuable content on behalf of your brand. It can be tough to discern between a link farm and a reputable white-label link-building agency, so here’s everything you need to know about white-label link-building. 

What Is White-Label Link-Building?

White-label link-building is a process that involves building backlinks for clients using methods that have the green light from Google.

While it’s true that there are ways to game the ranking system by buying links, keyword stuffing, hidden text, and other black hat SEO tactics, search engines want to provide users with accurate and valuable information.

So they are quick to un-index these domains and keep them from spamming search engine results with sub-par content.

When brands use white-label link-building services to improve their online presence, they have full ownership of the backlinks. If an organization asks you to buy links, promises fast results, or uses automated content software, you might be working with a less-than-legit link-building provider. 

White-label SEO providers only use ethical link-building techniques by creating shareable high-quality content that is useful and informative enough to earn backlinks from high authority domains. 

How White-Label Link-Building Works

There are many different types of white-label link-building services out there that offer different levels of SEO service. Generally, white-label link-building processes include research, pitching, content creation, and backlink profile reporting.

Prices for these services have a wide range since some firms only offer one or two services while others (like Blue Tree, for example) provide a full stack of white-label SEO and link-building services, from B2B SEO services to various marketing services. 

Here is an example of how white-label link-building works:

  1. First, outreach specialists research relevant websites with high domain authority and a good brand reputation to target as potential backlink candidates. 
  2. Next, the firm will create high-quality content for your brand based on your content marketing strategy or help you build a content strategy from the ground up.
  3. At this point, white-label link-building providers start pitching content ideas to only the best backlink candidates.
  4. Now it’s time for your content team (or your white-label SEO team) to write stellar content with natural backlink placements. 
  5. Once it goes live, your team will follow up to ensure that the link placements meet your brand’s quality standards. 

It’s an ongoing partnership that can last anywhere from months to years. white-label link-building SEO providers are dedicated to creating successful link strategies to put your company at the top of search engine results. As a result, your authority will increase, more traffic will visit your pages, and growth will be unstoppable. 

Benefits of White-Label Link-Building

White-label link-building providers offer clients several benefits outside what freelance SEO professionals and in-house content marketing teams can provide. When you sign up for link-building services from a legit white-label link-building firm, you get to take advantage of a team of experts committed to providing your brand with benefits such as:

High authority backlinks

Backlinks from websites with high DA and DR metrics can boost your company’s search engine rankings. 

High-quality content

White-label link-building firms create high-quality original content worthy of the best link placements. 

Increased do follow backlinks

Nofollow links improve brand awareness but don’t do anything for SEO. Do follow backlinks are link-building gold. 

Improved scalability

White-label link-building services offer businesses unmatched scalability through organic growth and a built-in team of content professionals.  

Better brand awareness

Standard link builder strategies just won’t cut it. You’ll need to rely on professional marketing services to get the exposure and traffic your brand needs to achieve revenue goals.

Wide publishing network

White-label link-building experts work with numerous publishers in various niches to create a diverse backlink profile that speaks to search engine crawlers. 

Better Value

You could pay an entire link-building team to provide tailor-made service for your brand, including payroll, benefits, taxes, and more. Or, brands can take advantage of white-label expertise without the costly overhead. You can utilize outsourced marketing services or find an in-house marketing team.

Qualities of the Best White-Label Link-Building Providers

There are a lot of sneaky link-building services out there that claim to provide white-label services but still use techniques that can get you banned from Google search results. That’s why it’s important to vet your link-building partners. Your domain could pay the price if you end up using a link farm network that uses unethical backlink tactics. 

Here are some qualities to look for when searching for the right white-label link-building services:


You have the right to know every detail about the backlink strategy an SEO firm uses to help improve your brand’s online presence. link-building services that use sneaky tactics to “earn” backlinks or offer fast results are probably not white-label. 

editorial linkbuilding

A great white-label link-building firm will be 100% transparent about your backlinks, the strategies used to earn them, and any changes to those links or anchor text over time. They’ll also be transparent when it comes to deliverables, pricing, and communication. 


When you’re looking for the right link-building partnership, the price will play a role in which provider you ultimately choose to work with. White-label link-building services run the gamut from $50-$100 per month, up to the thousands depending on the size and scope of your SEO needs. 

The best link-building services will fall somewhere in the middle of the price range and have all the SEO capabilities brands need to increase their search engine rankings via organic growth and a solid backlink profile. 

But prices may also be based on the deliverables. For example, prices may be based on the number of links that you need, your site’s current DA/DR scores vs. its goal DA/DR scores, link ratios and organic traffic volume. 

If a link-building agency claims to offer white-label services at a lower price point, ask questions about their process and payment policies before entering an SEO relationship.


Professionalism means different things to different people, but when it comes to white-label link-building agencies, professionalism means high-quality service along with clear and consistent communication. The only way to find out about the level that a potential link-building firm operates is to do a little digging.

First, take a look at their website and look for things like a contact page, an about page, and at least an HTTPS before their domain. If you can tell it is legit, send a message to get in touch and see how long it takes to respond.

secure vs not secure website

Building a backlink strategy to drive organic growth requires constant communication between firms and their clients. If they don’t respond within hours and it takes days or weeks to have a conversation, move on to another agency.

Whether you are looking for enterprise SEO services or SEO services for a small business, you can’t expect high-quality service from an unresponsive agency.

Check out reviews on outside websites to find out what previous clients say about their timeliness and communication. And be sure to check out their current book of clients to see if they work with other brands in a similar niche. This will tell you whether or not they have experience building successful backlink campaigns for brands like yours. 

Customer Support

A hallmark of a white-label link-building service is excellent customer service. Not only is it the key to a successful business partnership, but it also says a lot about a company’s values.

White-label companies by nature should be trustworthy and 100% committed to bringing your website results. 

A link-building service with bad reviews that mention customer support should be avoided at all cost. Do not trust a link-building provider that can’t provide top-notch customer service when you need it.

live customer support

Since they operate on your behalf by speaking with major publications and professional blogs in your niche, their lack of professionalism could come back on you and prevent you from nailing great link placements and mentions. 

Find out about a white-label link-building provider’s policies regarding dead links, lack of growth, reduced authority scores, and other potential pitfalls that could ruin your chances of reaching organic growth goals. 


Finally, the best white-label link builders will be undeniably dependable. A link-building agency should always provide on-time delivery and be there for you when growth stalls or bad PR causes your authority to drop.

Other firms will hide, avoid your emails, and make excuses for late or low-quality work. 

When you hand link-building over to the experts, you are putting your brand’s reputation in their hands.

You need to be sure that the link-building firms you work with will not share your business information with the competition and will keep your link-building strategy secure for the long haul. 

A great white-label SEO company will go above and beyond so that your business can thrive through organic search engine growth. That includes having a positive attitude, creating high-quality content, and earning your website high authority backlinks the right way. 

The Blue Tree Link-Building Process

A few backlinks each month will not provide the organic growth it takes to compete with major players in your niche. Brands need a long-term backlink strategy that gives consistent results at scale.

It takes more than a few days and a handful of backlinks. Instead, it can take months of white-label link-building to build brand awareness and start appearing on the first search results page. 

Blue Tree is a white-label SEO service provider that focuses on creating quality backlink profiles for companies ready to take the next step toward growth. Our link-building strategy focuses on quality over quantity, so we don’t offer get-rich-quick schemes or make any outrageous promises.

We offer a fully transparent white-label link-building service that includes content creation, campaign distribution, digital PR services, and professional SEO services to take your brand to the next level. 

Here’s how it works. 

First, you tell us about your website and which keywords you target. We’ll make suggestions to help improve search engine rankings and help you create a unique campaign that reflects your business, values, and goals. 

We can also help you create better content with the help of our writing and editing team, which specializes in the web’s most popular topics, with the added plus of SEO expertise. And we’ll take care of pitching to relevant publications that would make the most sense according to your SEO link-building goals. 

Blue Tree vets every website we work with. This way, brands can be sure that their backlinks are coming from high-authority domains according to publication metrics like DA and DR metrics, organic keyword placements, and spam score. Plus, nothing goes out without being approved by our editorial content team. 

But the work isn’t over once links are placed. We provide ongoing client support throughout our link-building partnership to ensure that links are unbroken, marked do follow, and don’t end up on spammy or low authority websites. 

Get in touch with Blue Tree to learn more about developing an SEO-friendly white-label backlink strategy.

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Grow organic traffic & revenue with high-quality backlinks


Grow organic traffic & revenue with high-quality backlinks

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