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We are a content marketing & PR agency that specializes in SEO for startups and online businesses.

Blue Tree propels your growth through expert media relations and proven editorial craftsmanship on over 100 major publications.
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The Blue Tree Difference

We Drive Traffic
Our media partners are some of the highest traffic sites online. Mentions in major publications drive relevant and valuable traffic to your products and services.
We Create Long Term Value
Investing in long term SEO ensures you’ll reap the benefits of organic search while your competitors continue to pay for traffic. Our link building compounds over time to create an unstoppable stream of leads.
We Build Trust
Mentions in major publications not only help with organic visibility but enhance conversion rates via authoritative third party mentions. Leverage Google to build your SaaS brand’s trust.
Blue Tree was helpful to assist with link-building by providing strong links that contributed to increasing our domain rating. We can strongly recommend their SEO services.
iEva Zelca
Chief Marketing Officer
We've been working with Dan from Blue Tree for PR and outreach purposes. We ended up getting mentions from very authoritative sources which participated in increasing our website traffic by 25% in 4 months. I deeply recommend Blue Tree's services to anyone wanting to get better exposure to their websites.
Alexis Dolle
I've worked with a lot of different companies to get clients placed on certain websites. Blue Tree is definitely among the best! They deliver very quickly considering the placements my clients are getting, and best of all, they communicate very well. I could not be happier with the quality!
Adam Smith
We were looking for a "hands-off" agency who could build links in the competitive tech field. Dan's team did a fantastic job landing high quality links for our sites so we could focus on creating better content.
Mauricio Prinzlau
Sia and Dan are true innovators. In a time where so many people just build links on the same saturated websites, Sia and Dan have found ways for our brand to add value to editorial content on very exclusive sites.
Steve Toth
SEO @ FreshBooks
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Meet the Team

Meet the founders of Blue Tree. Dan and Sia are SEO nerds with a passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs build online businesses.

  • They have built and sold four companies.
  • Turned a dying online business into 7-figure ARR in 18 months.
  • Operating in the toughest online industries, including finance, software, and cybersecurity.
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Case Studies

The VPN space is arguably one of the most competitive verticals online. Entrenched players dominate the space and leave little to no room for new entrants. With a combination of data driven PR and content marketing Blue Tree was able to help facilitate massive organic growth.  This client now stands as one of the premium…

Owning a business is complicated, but that doesn’t mean every aspect of it needs to be. Setting up a professional website and all of the other branding necessities are easier than ever before, and functions like email, analytics, and record keeping can be synced to work together seamlessly. As one of the most important parts…

If you’re building a website, it’s best to do it right from the outset. Not only does that ensure security and compliance with industry or government regulations, it will save you money on maintenance. Before embarking on your web building activities, we want to ease your mind by providing an overview of cost by website…

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